And the winner is… JUDY & JOHN

Written by: Caitlin

We received our first package last week on Keegan’s birthday from John and Judy. It was a pleasant surprise to receive some mail! It made us feel important and very loved! THANKS J&J!!!

Keegan arranged a surprise party for me at our host mom’s house in Santo Domingo a couple of weeks ago. We went to the supermercado (supermarket) to buy something stupid (can you tell I didn’t want to go?) and when we arrived back at the house, it was full of most of our training group and some vecinos (neighbors). It was a pleasant surprise, and a payback from last year. Cervesas and Rons (beer and rum) were drank and we all had a merry time.

We have now been in Monte Plata for a little over a week now for technical training. Technical training consists of training over our sector (education). We spend four hours every morning in training, then head to Spanish classes all afternoon. Our Spanish classes are divided up into groups of 3-4 at each knowledge level. Keegan and I both have passed the Spanish requirement, but have much more to learn.

We had our first presentation yesterday completely in Spanish over Community Diagnostics. Overall, it went well (we are in the same Spanish class, and therefore were in the same group for our first presentation). It was tough to do a community diagnostic and use a tool in just a week and present on it, but we did as best as we could.

We will be spending some time in elementary schools training the next four weeks alongside our technical training. We will practice skills needed for the next two years, and work alongside teachers, helping them if we can and learning from them.

We have now been in the country for six weeks. It feels like much longer, but at the same time it has gone by fast. We are incredibly busy, and I feel as if our blog will be very sparse and uninteresting for the next five weeks until swear-in because of our limited free time. Feel free to email us or call us (message us for our numbers) because that will be a better way of staying in contact as of now.

Love you all. Need to head back home for dinner, then I have some homework to tackle. Happy Tuesday!

Fotos will come another day… maybe. =]