Con permiso……your grandmother just squeezed her left breast and whistled at me, by the way do you like to read?

It has certainly been a while since I put down some words, so here we go! We have been living in our site now for about a month, and hot damn we are really starting to enjoy it. We got a pretty sweet set up as Caitlin might have mentioned before: super close to the beach; our community sits right off the main north coast highway, so it is easy to jump from place to place when we need out of our site; our family has wifi; we are in control (mostly) of what we are eating; and primarily, for all of those who were in training with me here, I have been eating the shit out of some cereal, ~ 2 to 3 times a day ( I don’t know if those semi colons were necessary).

The community we have been living in is really neat. And, we have actually found out that it is really 4 communities all tossed into one big salad. We have been getting to know the area mostly by means of wondering aimlessly acting lost so that we have an excuse to awkwardly peer up at all of the tall apartment buildings so that we can find our own place! I am really itching to get out of our host family, and I am super excited to start building some furniture for our new place, because we are poor. But, being poor does not stop us from making a trip to the beach every once in a while, peanut butter and beer in hand. I am pretty excited to get to know the beach area in Sosúa better, even though it appears to be filled with seedy ex-pats, I think those are some interesting people to get to know. After all, we will probably end up being seedy expats on a Caribbean island at some point in our lives…si Dios quiere. Also one of these seedy expats pointed us to a an animal shelter where we hope to get our hands on a free dog every once in a while when we cant afford to buy chicken from the local butcher.

Aaaallssoo., I have become obsessed with pinterest, and trying to make things out of recycled materials. I mentioned before we want to build all of our furniture 🙂 So obsessed am I now with easy domestic hacks, crafts, DIY recycled projects, and what have you, that on my daily 4 km walk along the highway to where we work out, I have begun to pick up all of the loose nuts, bolts, nails, screws, occasional bicycle or motorcycle part off the side of the road, so we don’t have to buy any when the time comes to make our glorious dumpster diving, furniture crafting, apartment furnishing, trash manipulating experience that I suspect will be unbearably pleasurable once we can finally get a place of our own.

The rest of our time has been spent in the school, and starting interviews with teachers, and really planning out a thorough diagnostic of the community. This we really love doing. We both have a certain affinity for collecting data and creating a cohesive representation of what may normally seem to be trivial aspects of culture and community or human nature, but once illuminated in context and tied to theory, is so so nummy. especially when you get to live in that culture for a few years. We ARE excited to get started with more applied projects though, but we really do feel it will be important to put in the research before we start anything, so that which we do start has a better chance of success because it will be based on the concerns and wants of the community.

hm… what else, I guess my good friend Marshall might be tickled to know that I have embraced wearing the ” wife beater” tank top, which is quite popular here. I even tuck that shit in…

As for the hidden candy bar question in my last entry, as some of you might have guessed, there were only two. Got you. I just wanted you all to read and re-read my blog so that my words were etched into your subconsciousness.

well.. so long, thanks for sharing in this post, I know it was a weird one, but it has been a weird week. So, ciao.


1 thought on “Con permiso……your grandmother just squeezed her left breast and whistled at me, by the way do you like to read?

  1. Also, I should clarify about the title of this entry… often times walking on the highway, some of the kids that go to the school we work in will yell out at Cait and I, and some of the times if Caitlin is not at my side, the older women will whistle at me and provide ample sexual suggestions. Not uncommon for a young foreigner round these parts.

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