Luna Pie

So, you all know that Keegan and I got a dog. It all started one Tuesday afternoon when we went to Puerto Plata to buy a washing machine (no, not anything like washing machines in the states) because we had just gotten paid. As we were walking along 27 de Febrero, we saw a vet clinic. We decided to stop in to see if they had puppies for adoption, and what the process is like to adopt. One of the vet tech’s handed us this cute, little pup that resembled a kangaroo and said, “Here, take this one.” We then paid 400 pesos (roughly $10) for a vaccination and parasite medicine and were on our way home.

She is growing fast. We’ve had her a little over a month and she is now almost 20 pounds. With our googling skills, we have concluded that she is somewhere between 4-5 months old, or so we think. Because she was found on the beach and we have no way of knowing what breed’s are mixed into her, or what her parents look like, we really have no idea how big she’ll get. I’m hoping she’ll stay under 40, but who knows. Keegan thinks she has German Shepherd in her…

Luna is learning quickly. Although she has kind of a teenager attitude, she in now fully potty-trained, and knows ven (come), sit, lay down, show me your belly, and dame cinco (give me five). If I am cooking or eating, she usually goes through all of them if I happen to glance at her or look in her direction, hoping for a taste of what I have.

She loves to sleep:
(With her friend Porter)

She did like to play under the bed (limited now because it’s difficult for her to get under it now):

And go to the beach:

Besitos de Luna,

4 thoughts on “Luna Pie

  1. So cute……Looks like you two are doing fine . It is so good to hear from you and kn iow you are safe. Same thing going on here. Grandpa sstill having headaches. No other news on this end. We love you so much. Sstay safe and enjoy this wonderful experience. Love, G&G

    Date: Thu, 26 Sep 2013 18:14:21 +0000 To:

  2. Have been trying to FaceTime or Skype you . Which is best? Hope allis well with you..not much new here. Miss you and hope all is well….love ya lots G&G

    Sent from my iPad

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