La Biblioteca: ¡ayúdenos, por favor!

Hi All!

I wanted to write a quick post about the library. The library is now up and running… but the shelves are still very empty! (I’ll add a photo this weekend). Keegan and I decided to start an Amazon Wish List for all of you back home who are looking to support a great cause! We are searching for books in SPANISH, all levels up to about a 6th grade reading level. Other levels are welcome as well, I just know that children’s books will be used the most at the moment!

Currently, we are working hard to making our programs sustainable, and have been training Dominicans from the community to take over our small reading groups in the library at school. We have had a lot of success, and everyone in the community is winning! The tutors are getting technical training, community service hours, and experience working with children. The teachers are getting more help with their students in their overcrowded classrooms. The students are improving their reading levels tremendously! Remember the low, low scores in reading our school had at the beginning of the school year? Of the about 30 3rd and 4th graders that could not read a single word at the beginning of the year, they are ALL reading at least at or very near to a first grade level or higher! If that isn’t success, I’m not sure what is. =] Please remember, all of our teaching is done in Spanish, and I am talking about the children reading in Spanish, their first (occasionally second) language.

So, what can you help with? If you have a few extra dollars at the end of the week, please send us a book! If you are in Nebraska, there is a very great chance that we could personally pick up the books in APRIL (we will be back for a couple of weeks!!!). If mailing works better, we have an address in NE as well as our address here in the DR. Please email for any questions or addresses!

I am attaching the Amazon Wish List link so you can see the types of books we are looking for. Pretty much everything: Fiction, non-fiction, picture books, chapter books, Spanish literacy games, etc!

Thank you in advance for those of you who are looking to donate to our project. I know there are many great projects and organizations locally to you all in the States, so if you do not feel that this is for you, please donate something locally. =] Everyone appreciates donations!

We hope to see you soon! =]

Muchas, MUCHAS gracias,

Here are our beautiful shelves! Half of the books are borrowed from the DREAM Project, and the encyclopedias are lent by a local community member. The paper Reading A to Z books are donated from the DREAM Project as well. The other half of the books belong TO THE SCHOOL donated by The DREAM Project, my parents, my aunt and uncle Judy and John, and a distant relative of my mom! Please consider donating. Our goal is 3,000 books by the time we leave the country in May of 2015!!

Also, the shelves are different colors for a reason! Each color represents a different level of book! We also have put a small, colored label on each book so everyone knows which level the book is, and which shelf it belongs to! Each book also has a tag that says who it was donated by and that it belongs to the school’s library!

Our program Profes Jóvenes at work! The program is for tutors (volunteers from the community, mainly high school or university students) to work with students in 1st – 4th grade. Once the kinks are worked out this spring (which so far, there aren’t many!) we will begin a full program next school year, which will hopefully continue for years after. Sustainability! Woo!

One of the morning tutors working with a group of students during RECESS. The school day is split into two, so there are two sessions in the school day. Students are in school for 3-4 hours a day.

The library full of students during the morning RECESS. The kids LOVE the library!

Another morning tutor working with students under the alphabet tree during recess.

Keegan introducing one fourth grade class to the library for the first time. He is explaining the rules and the system we have in place for the books.

This is recess during an afternoon session, with another local tutor. She is a daughter of one of the teachers!


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