Nuestra Casa

We have now been living in our wonderful apartment for a little bit over a month now. I took some photos to fill you in. We are living in an apartment above a house. We have a shared balcony with the apartment that shares the second level on a very tranquila (calm) street. We are about a block and a half away from the school where we work, with many of our students as our neighbors…which is a positive, but can be a negative.

We have a zinc roof, but it’s closed off on the inside. We have running water, but in order to use the running water we have to plug the pump into an outlet… so we try to only do this once a day, and bathe and wash dishes from our large buckets. Our town has power normally about 20+ hours a day, usually going out late morning until sometime in the afternoon (or not at all!). Aaaaand, as of yesterday, we now have internet. And a puppy. =]

I’ll give you the grand tour:
Here is Luna! We have had her for about ten days now, and she fits in quite nicely. She is what we like to call a Dominican Shepherd, which is just a Dominican mutt/street dog. I like to think we found one of the better looking ones! Luna means moon in Spanish. She currently loves to run under our bed and dig tunnels through all of our crap we have crammed under there. The number one question we get from Dominicans about her is whether she understands Spanish or English.
This is the view of our front door/window. The balcony is outside of this door. You can see our beautiful shelf built from boards and cinder blocks.
Here, I am standing at the front door. Keegan and I built our couch, which comes in handy when having friends stay over (hint, hint)!
Further along is the kitchen, with the table that Keegan built with some help from some friends. We have started to let people draw on the table, but keep it covered because we get weird looks from our Dominican friends.
More into the kitchen. Pretty self-explanatory. Luckily since we are the first ones living here it is nice and clean, and not too many bugs (yet?)!
On to the bathroom. Fully-tiled, can’t complain. In the shower is our large bucket of water for our bucket baths and for flushing the toilet.
And our bedroom, which we have done the least amount of work in. Basic, but we have a bed!
Finally, our closet. Pretty overcrowded right now. Our next project is building shelves and possibly a desk in the bedroom that will help with all the clutter. =]
AND, if you look reeeeeally closely out through the bedroom window, between the two apartment buildings, past the electrical post, you can see the ocean!!!!
Peace, love, and pickle juice.